Riverdove Christian Community


Welcome to the Riverdove Christian Community, based in the town of Lismore, NSW.

We are a relatively small bunch of humans that have built a community around a common love and allegiance to Jesus, the King. 

We come from a variety of backgrounds ranging from some who have recently come to faith and others who have been raised in Christian families. 

And surprise surprise, we are not the perfect community! But we are committed to doing the Christian journey together. In fact, we believe our imperfections give us a valuable space to share and encourage. We strongly encourage vulnerability at our gatherings, allowing for other believers to come to our aid, to pray and share faith. 

We trust in the guidance of our Father, our King Jesus and the Holy Spirit to lead us in the Way. Jesus is the head of his body, and so we take a less structured and organised approach to our gatherings, with the intention of giving Him more control. 

Simple 'Church'

Our gatherings resemble what might be called a "home church" style. We don't have any offical worship team or a specific program. Our Sunday gathering is focussed around a celebration of the victory of our King Jesus, taking communion together, and sharing encouragement, faith and struggles.

Life Together

As a community, we believe that 'church' isn't something you go to, but rather a family that you belong to. For this reason, we tend to use the word 'community' rather than 'church'. 

We are waiting expectantly for the day when our King returns to earth and completely unveils his Kingdom! But in the meantime, we believe we are called to share our lives with other believers. We love to meet together to encourage each other in our discipleship, to pray for each other and to honour our God. Although our 'official' gathering happens on a Sunday, we encourage mid-week connections between the body, as this is where the real growth really happens - in relationship with the body.