Basic Unity

We believe there is a simple, biblical framework that holds the world of biblical Christianity together, and rather than dividing because of our differences, we should unite over the simple, biblical essentials. 

Unity, Not Uniformity

The Riverdove Christian Community is made up of people from a range of denominational backgrounds, who, because of their individual Christian history and background, have naturally inherited a 'framework of understanding' that they have used to make sense of the whole bible story. 

We believe that if we are sincerely seeking to be Christ-followers and can agree on the essentials of the gospel, there should be space in the body of Christ for understanding to be shown towards each other (with our differences or even misunderstandings) while continuing to rejoice in Christ Jesus together.  

Common Ground

Despite our differences, we do hold tightly to the simple good news that Jesus and his earliest followers taught. A good example of this can be found in the Apostle's creed. However, as much as there are certain Bible understandings that we do consider highly important, no teaching was more important to our King than the way his followers were meant to outwork their faith in Him. So, as a community, we are committed to teaching the simple message of good news, and encouraging believers to live lives that are worthy of that news.

The Good News

"Repent from your sins and come under the rule of the King, Jesus."

When Jesus came to earth and started preaching a message of Good News, he didn't use creeds or long statements of faith. He simply said "Repent, because the Kingdom of Heaven has come".  His message was practical - an invitation for people, sinners, to leave their pursuit of everything outside of God and to come under the truly good, forgiving authority of the one who made them and gave them life. He then demonstrated that this "Kingdom of Heaven" was existing by healing people, casting out demons, performing miracles and by showing care for the poor. He then went on to purchase forgiveness for his people by dying in their place, rising from the dead to ensure redemption for them, and ascending to heaven to guarantee a future glory for them. It is trust and allegiance in and to this man Jesus that brings true salvation to people.

You could term our kind of space as being non-denominational, but perhaps, more rightly, as ‘a bunch of humans who don’t have all the answers, but who love Jesus and love each other’.