What We Do


We believe that people who believe in the good news of Jesus and His Kingdom should be baptised in water, as a sign that they have been made new in him. 


We believe that each member of the body is called to love people deeply. As part of this, believers are encouraged to be devoted to each other in prayer.


We believe that we should gather together as a body to remember what Jesus has done for us by sharing a meal. Jesus asked his followers to eat bread and drink wine together, symbolic of his body and blood. 


We believe that our relationships are the real 'rubber on road' of christianity. This is where the "one another" commands of Jesus can be outworked. 


We believe it is important for followers of Jesus to spend time reading the Holy Bible. The Bible is a place for believers to meet with and be fed by God. Meditation (thoughtful reading) combined with prayer builds relationship with God, allowing us to truly know him.


We believe in speaking the words of scripture to each other. This is done through collective discussion, but also through music.